Refund Policy

1.1. This document defines the policy of SMART TECHNOLOGY CLUB LLP regarding refunds via cancellation of transactions (transfer of funds to deposit a game account) made through the website  

1.2 If the User enters the card data and completes the transaction, he confirms his consent to this document.

1.3. The company is not responsible for the incorrect data entry by the User to make the deposit to the game account.

1.4 The Company makes maximum efforts to ensure that any request for a refund is prevented through negotiations with the User.

1.5 If the User is not satisfied with the quality of the final recipient's (Game administrator) services, the User may receive a refund according to the terms of the refund stipulated in the relevant documents and rules of the recipient (Game administrator).

1.6. In the case of the User's failure to complete the deposit to the game account on our site, i.e. if the verification is not passed and the user has not provided the necessary data to complete the operation, the transfer is canceled and the money is not debited from the card. 

1.7. In case the funds transfer operation for deposit to the game account was completed, but the funds were not credited to the relevant account, the company is obliged to file a complaint to the Game administrator and solve the matter of refunding funds to the User or replenishing them to his game account (according to the rules defined by the Game administrator).

1.8. To complain regarding not receiving funds to the User's game account or to contact us with other questions regarding this Refund Policy, please visit: