On Monday, September 21, Microsoft announced the purchase of the parent company Bethesda. From now on Xbox Game Studios includes the authors of The Elder Scrolls Online, which, in addition to PC and Xbox One, is available on PlayStation 4 and Stadia. What is the fate of the owners of these platforms?

According to the head of ZeniMax Online Studios Matt Firor, the deal will not limit support for the game and, moreover, will open up new horizons for developers, the site https://stopgame.ru/:

"I'm sure most of you have already heard the exciting news: Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire ZeniMax Media (the parent company of ZeniMax Online Studios), including Bethesda Softworks and all its studios, including ZOS. I want to take this moment to assure the entire community of The Elder Scrolls Online that ESO will be supported in the same way as before. We also expect the game to continue to grow and thrive on each of the platforms where it is currently available. We are very happy with this news and can't wait to see how the two companies, working together, can make ESO even better for everyone".

At the end of the speech, the manager said that the game has many years of development ahead of it.