League of Angels 4 is the sequel to the popular games in this series. In this game, the gods are not good beings, but rather villains with terrible desires. Each player of the online game is a chosen one, and only they can resist the furious gods. In order to restore the balance, you will have to start searching for the angels to create an incredible team to save the whole world. The plot of the game is quite fascinating, with a huge number of locations, with interesting arenas and fascinating quests.

Gameplay: At the beginning of the game, you have, as usual, to choose your class: wizard, dragoon and archer. You decide which one to join. Each of them has a unique aura, and insanely beautiful wings. In this new part of the game, just like in the other parts, there are squads of angels. With the help of your squad you will save your world. Each angel in your squad needs to be upgraded and pumped up. Pumping is your most important duty.

Do not forget that there are so called Legendary Angels in the game. They have great power without special training, but you need to train them too, because it will give you more battle points. Upgrade heroes can be done with money, or with special items. All of this will be given to you as you complete tasks and quests. Battles are staggered, so you don't have to sit and wait until the fight is over. After the battle you'll get some rewards and special items that help in pumping up the angels. In the Final Battle, you are expected to be the strongest team that can save the world.

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