Forge of Empires is a unique mix of turn-based strategy and urban planning simulator from German developers InnoGames. The strategy became popular due to its unique gameplay and deep dive into the game world. It is made in the best traditions of such famous strategies as Civilization and Age of Empires. Users, developing their empire, pass all epochs from the Stone Age to the distant future.

Gameplay: as a large river starts with a small stream, so does the empire start with the construction of a city. We have to go through all epochs of human history, so the path will not be easy, but very interesting - we guarantee. For development, we will need to get buildings, some of which will bring resources, while others will give a number of bonuses. Fans of urban planning simulations will be delighted in every way developing the settlement. Fans of military strategies, on the other hand, will appreciate the combat system. During the battle itself you can control the army, which makes each battle unique and allows you to respond to changes on the battlefield immediately. Despite the fact that the military companies practically do not stop, because each of them tries to snatch a tidbit, it is not necessary for you to dive deeply into this path of development. Expand technology, trade with your neighbors, help them and... Meet a new era!

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