Dragon Lord is a new bright MMORPG project in fantasy style, where you will witness a great confrontation between people, orcs, elves and dragons. Courageous heroes decided to restore order and harmony to the lands mired in war. But trouble does not come alone, the legendary Dark Dragonlord has risen from the dead and threatens to destroy all life.

Gameplay: the game begins with the creation of your player. You can choose from eight characters with unique looks, characteristics and skills. Then go on a real adventure. The world of Dragon Lord is not opened, and is divided into a number of locations, depending on the level, each one will reveal a certain storyline. Many quests, battles with the most incredible mobs are waiting for you. In process of development you will be offered battles with world bosses and all kinds of dungeons. Battle system, by the way, is represented here by classical step-by-step battles, so the user will not have to get used to complicated features of battles for a long time. However, the pumping of the character is not limited to everything. Having reached 24 levels, you will get the settlement. Abandoned and unattractive, under your responsive guidance, it will blossom. Over time, you will build all the necessary buildings and arrange everything at your discretion. In addition to such an essential element of the strategy genre, Dragon Lord has a whole range of " bonuses". For example, you can tame the dragon, join the guild, and even crash into pleasant mini-games.

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